Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding—from a young age I’ve been obsessed with action sports. I’ve been fortunate to surf in Fiji, snowboard in Park City, and skateboard in Los Angeles.

I want to continue to do these activities for as long as possible, and I have quite a bit left on my bucket list.

But, as I’ve begun to (gulp) get a bit older, I have realized I need to start taking care better of my body today so I can remain active tomorrow.

What my body allowed me to get away with in my teens and twenties just hasn’t been possible throughout my thirties and forties.

Taking a daily supplement—not because something was wrong, but because I wanted to be proactive with my health—has become more and more important.

Every day I knew I needed to be supporting my brain health, energy levels, and nutrition, but I simply wasn’t sure where to start.

Determining my best choice was very difficult after seeing the impossible array of supplements at my local health food store. My search was narrowed to just about zero when I considered my critical vitamin and mineral requirements.

Finding a solution that was non-GMO and doctor-formulated, plus ensured bioavailability and third-party testing, felt impossible and turned up zero options.

After speaking with my business partner, Jason, I was surprised to discover he faced the same problem…

Finding a professional-grade, every body, everyday supplement to help support his overall health and wellness.

That’s why we created Basis Health

Basis means “the underlying support or foundation,” and that’s exactly what our products reflect.

No fillers, no GMOs, no junk—just 100% bioavailable vitamins and minerals to support your best health.

We believe that “every body, every day” is a perfect expression of our Basis Health mission.

Every body deserves the opportunity to have the highest-quality, doctor-formulated supplements for optimal performance.

Every day you can make a small choice to support better health, no matter how old you are, where you live, or your background.

Our core line of supplements includes the essentials—a multivitamin, greens, vitamin D, Omega 3s, sleep support, and a probiotic for gut health.

We recommend Basis Health because we take Basis Health every day.

Welcome to our tribe,

Jeff and Jason